About Naava

Naava embodies a transformative force, poised to reshape the landscape of healthcare in the United States.

Dedicated to excellence, Naava has meticulously engineered a holistic solution with a comprehensive platform that promises to revolutionize the way medical practices operate across a wide spectrum of healthcare services.

What truly distinguishes Naava is its inherent potency and unparalleled adaptability. As a robust and versatile platform, Naava empowers healthcare professionals and patients alike, fostering seamless collaboration and granting them the ability to thrive and harmonize effortlessly. With Naava as the catalyst, we envision a future where healthcare transcends boundaries, bringing forth a brighter and healthier world for all.

Our Story

Most medical practices, from one-physician, one-location institutions to major healthcare systems, grapple with a common set of challenges. As practices grow, so does the array of software tools they deploy to enhance efficiency and bolster their bottom line. However, in an age where “there’s an app for that,” each software system tends to address only a single pain point. As a result, practices end up with multiple disconnected software solutions and platforms which don’t communicate with each other, leading to redundant work, overburdened staff, and ultimately, frustration. This results in increased costs, operational chaos, and a diminished bottom line.

The founders of our company faced these very struggles when they opened their practice, Nuself Bariatrics, in 2006. Today, with four locations, they rely on ten different software programs to manage all aspects of their practice. This negatively impacts the cost of business and, most critically, their ability to efficiently provide the highest level of patient care. It was clear the answer lay not in adding more tools but in streamlining to a singular, all-encompassing solution. Such a solution didn’t exist—until now.

Drawing on over 17 years of industry experience, the founders leveraged their executive, business, and strategic expertise to create a revolutionary platform. It’s more than just software; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that is scalable, forward-focused, and purpose-driven. It manages and automates everything from customer acquisition to patient care, financial benchmarking, and much more.

This system is called “Naava”- the embodiment of “Simplify to Empower Healthcare.”At Naava, we aim to transform the landscape of medical practice management and make every aspect of healthcare administration more productive, efficient, and ultimately, satisfying. By doing it all, we can benefit healthcare administrators, physicians, and patients, reducing costs, saving time, and improving the bottom line.

Join us and experience firsthand the power of Naava. Let’s end the chaos!


Multi Service

Medical Platform

Common Process
Salient Features

Increase Efficiency by 50%

Reduce Opex by 50%

Reduce Systems Complexity

  • Single, Integrated, Extensible Platform
  • Common Platform, Pluggable Services
  • Multi-Tenant Saas
  • Single Provider, Multi-Provider, Hospital Variants
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Configurable Platform
  • Digital Signatures
  • Documents Management System
  • EMR Integration
  • Efficient Integrations
  • Automation & Intelligence By Design
Feature Matrix

Manage your offering, pricing, facility details, and professional associations of your business practice.

Create your own service pricing catalogue, issue super-bills to your patients. Track cashflow, and P&L with your own custom income and expenditure categories. Measure and improve margins.

Integrated digital marketing to widen your service base.

Intelligence CRM augmented with AI driven lead grading, lead nurturing. Also track the effectiveness of your referral network.

Use built-in multiple channels to engage with your patients, educate your patients with quality medical videos, invite them to your own webinars, handle patient documentation at one single place with digital signatures.

Automated insurance plan checking accelerates VOB checks with special provision to handle insurance denials. Insurance billing support minimizes your dependency on third party EMRs.

Integrated vendor and inventory management helps you run your supplements shop and also formally measure and manage your vendors’ performance.

Enjoy the differentiated staff management module which doubles employee productivity by clarifying roles, responsibilities, providing well defined goals, educational videos, SOPs, and mechanisms to collaborate with each other. Handle end to end recruitments with built-in job-referrals tracking facility.

In addition to standard care scheduling, provide value to patients with detailed ready-appointment booklet, pre-ops activity tracking, easy digitalized consent, provider and lab reports tracking. Extend value delivery with post-op support.

Minimize dependency on 6 to 8 external systems to 1 or 2 retaining the ability to integrate with popular EMRs, medical labs. Work with facilities that employ modern digital communication channels as well traditional ones that employ fax.

Gather deeper insights into multiple dimensions of your business practice including marketing, patient relations, practice operations, financial performance and quality of your professional networks.

Tailor the platform to suit unique needs of your practice, define your own operational phases, roles, responsibilities, master lists, enabling content, look and feel.
Naava Pricing
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Basic Workflow + Standard Roles
Staff Management
Digital Marketing
Inventory Management
Advanced Financial Reports
Practice Profitability & Advanced Reports
Intelligent Lead Nurtuting
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